Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Taste Of Coffee

. Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hai... coffee lovers

For your coffee adventure, I have information about taste of coffee in your mouth. In this news, give us information too the way how to taste coffee
. Ok... guys ! This is the coffee news.

In our mouth, there are about 10,000 nerve detection think that most are located in the tongue, and there are also located in the wall above the mouth and throat.

Which is a little surprising, the tongue can distinguish only 5 kinds of flavors: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami. The reason for the limitations of the human body because it feels need to have the ability to distinguish between symbolic vital nutrition and taste of the poison. Umami taste, for example, that shows that we are consuming protein.

The aroma

You also surely have heard that if our nose is closed, we lose the ability to distinguish the taste of food is almost the same texture. Apple and pear fruit, for example. That's because of this we know the term "feeling" is a combination of sensation caused by the nose and taste senses smell. That is why experts always inhale aroma coffee and wine to taste it before.

The descent

The quality of the human senses taste derived from their parents. Some people have the ability to detect taste better than other people. For example there is a group of people called super tasters, who have the ability to detect the womb propylthiouracil (PROP) in food that is not detected by most people. In general, they also have a higher sensitivity will fill others.
Included in the above category may be more likely to go to a place of worship to be grateful, but not mean that ordinary people like us can not enjoy the most sense. How simple it ..

The Way How to taste coffee

In principle we have to maximize the sensation caused by taste and smell senses us. Do not drink coffee, do not diseruput, but dihirup. In the coffee down your lips touch, smell the aroma while coffee to enter the mouth to spread evenly over the tongue to us. That way we relate as closely as possible to the coffee nerve pendeteksi taste in the mouth at the same time send a fragrance to smell so that the brain senses to get information about the coffee we drink.
Try this way to try several different types of coffee, and the analysis of differences based on 5 basic sense of the above: whether kopinya sweet or bitter, how keasamannya level than that of coffee, and so on. Perhaps you will wonder how clear the difference between feeling you can feel.

Coffee espresso = Super bitter?

I often hear many people Ironically, self-declare as a "fan espresso" describe your espresso coffee as super bitter. I think this false impression. A bitter taste in the coffee because of the natural womb kafeinnya, but should not become the dominant feeling. Excessive bitter taste and lack of aroma is usually caused by an error extraction. Extraction temperature is too hot for example, can burn the coffee taste bitter, so more prominent. Robusta Coffee also feel more bitter because the womb kafeinnya far higher than the Arabica Coffee. Espresso is extracted correctly has sweet taste and natural component of bitter and sour taste that balanced.
Brown also has a bitter taste of nature is not it? But I believe you will not become a fan if chocolate taste of bitter more dominant than any other sense. :-)

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