Saturday, November 29, 2008

Kopi Ireng, Cafe Coffee at Bandung

. Saturday, November 29, 2008

How are you guys?

For a long time does not send the adventure with coffee, today I had the new story about a cafe coffee that was pleasant with picturesque scenery, the comfortable atmosphere and that was most important the lovely coffee whim.

The name cafe coffee that was "Kopi Ireng" His location was in the Bandung area, West Java - Indonesia. The location to be precise was in Bukit Pakar Timur Ciburial No. 1 Bandung-Indonesia . That was interesting from this place was us must struggle first to afterwards get the enjoyment of the feeling of a coffee was accompanied pemandagan beautiful the Bandung area that was famous beautiful and exotic.

In "Kopi Ireng", you could enjoy various pure coffee seeds local and Italia. There were seven special coffee menus that would not was found by you it seems in another place. For example, Stairway To Heaven (the Illy Espresso whim with Baileys, grenadine, and the ice-cream), Snow White (the Illy Espresso whim with milk and Kahlua), and Orange Coffee (the Illy Espresso whim with orange juice and milk). Other regular coffee like Costarica Tarazzu, Toraja, Balinese Kintamani, etc. also was ready to heat the body. Accompanied the cake like pancake, sandwich, paste Al Dente or banana fritters in the style of "Kopi Ireng", you and the family it was guaranteed were happy enjoyed and for a prolonged period was here. Only did not drink coffee, And You too could enjoy the delicious serving like sorts steak, spices fried rice, chicken rice sasak, or fried oxtail soup coffee. This menu was several mainstay menus from "Kopi Ireng".

As the place drank coffee that really coffee and dined while refreshing the day and thoughts, This cafe coffee was one of the choices that ought to be tried when you were in Bandung.

Almost forgot.... that was unique from coffee ireng this not only the coffee whim and his location, the exterior and the interior of his place were also unique. Design of this Cafe coffee his building like the house joglo at Java and Bali. And to be able to enjoy artificial coffee cafe coffee this you must climb onto the step that enough et cetera when you arrived in the main building, then the tired feeling and the struggle will be paid with the enjoyment that tersaji and so picturesque scenery.

Along with was several coffee whims that became the special drink from Ireng Coffee.

Zig Zag Cappucino

Illy Espresso - Chocolate - Milk

Stairway To Heaven

Illy Espresso - Baileys - Grenadin - Whip Cream

Creamy cappucino

Illy Espresso with extra foam milk.

OK, Guys! Enjoy it the new adventure if you were being in the Bandung area - Indonesia.

See you Coffee Lovers!!

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