Monday, November 10, 2008

Puff Pastry

. Monday, November 10, 2008

Hi..... dcafeners !

When I write this article, my condition is not feel good. After drank a cup of cappucino, I must running away to finished all my work. I love my activity, not just because I have my favorite drank - that's coffee of course, but I really love it. I have not any reason to explain , I just like it and comfort.

For this time, I have the recipe oh puff pastry. This is a delicious cake, for one of think to get the adventure to drank a coffee in your day. Let's try guys, for you the gourmet coffee, this is a change. You can enjoyed for this, at your home or take it from your cafe coffee shop menus.

Puff Pastry was sheet batter. Mentioned this because of this batter if being roasted in the oven produced sheets so crispy that attracted. Made from the recipe and the white mixture of the butter recipe of the wheat base and yellow butter that was crushed, was folded, then was crushed again.

His process was carried out repeatedly. Made his recipe indeed need patience. But just as you had batter puff pastry, various guest plates attracted could be created. Want to be filled up salty or sweet, please! Ragout prawns or sausage cheese gave the lovely deliciously piquant feeling. Want the sweet feeling, scattered puff pastry with the slice of apples flavored cinnamon. Oh, oh, oh.... sweet and fragrant him!

The Recipe of Puff Apel

The Ingredients :

The recipe of the contents material:
1 sdm margarin
1/2 the onion, cut of 300 gram prawns, the piece small
2 sdm of flour
350 ml milk
1 sdt salt
1/2 sdt black pepper
2 sdm sugar
3 sdm of peanuts
1 carrot, "serut"
1 stick of the leek, cutting

The contents of the recipe:

6 apples, the thin slice, soaked water, gave 2 spoon of orange juice 150 gram sugar

50 ml water

3 items “cengkeh”

5 cm cinnamon

1 spoon of maizena flour, dissolved by a little water

The Smear: 1 egg

The Decoration Recipe:The Red Cherry

The recipe instruction:

1. Prepare the thin and flat tray, spread margarine, heated the oven with the temperature 200 Celsius levels, the cutter of the round form cake of the measurement 15 cm.

2. The contents: completed with granulated sugar, the clove and cinnamon. After boiling, put the solution maizena, stirred level until congealing. Put the slice of apples, stirred level, adopted.

3. Flatten recipe batter with a thickness of 1/2 cm, the piece of the round form, the order isian above. The order in the tray, was announced for 30 minutes, spread with the egg and roasted for 20 minutes through to ripe brownish, adopted. Decorated with the red cherry.

Served. To: 12 cake

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