Sunday, October 12, 2008

Starblack, coffee from Aceh

. Sunday, October 12, 2008

Smell of The Aceh coffee had since long before been famous in Indonesia, possibly also in the world. Aceh was one of the producers of biggest coffee in this island country. The Aceh land produced approximately 40 percent Arabica coffee of the seed of kind coffee the level of the premium from the total coffee harvest in Indonesia. And Indonesia was the exporter of the biggest coffee seed of the four in the world. Spoke about Aceh coffee after tsunami, could not be free from arrived him the international community in this Mekkah Veranda earth. Their majority also liked Aceh coffee. Not less than a person of Bill Clinton, that former United States President then, admired Aceh coffee. The envoy the Union of the united Nation for the tsunami casualties, was ready to promote Aceh coffee, all through the world through a coffee industry in his country, Starbucks Coffee. Through himself, Starbucks Coffee said was ready to buy production coffee of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. According to Clinton, Starbucks Coffee agree to to take coffee from Aceh. The coffee industry only did not buy but also included

Gathered and drank coffee in the shop indeed has become Aceh people habit since long ago. Aceh gathered in the cafe, more to to strengthen the feeling of the friendship. The tradition drank coffee was known in many communities in various countries. But, perhaps only was found in Aceh, whether in the city and the village, since at daybreak till midnight the resident in turns to the cafe. In the village, since long ago the normal person to the cafe after the subuh prayer, Sulaiman Tripa words, the cultural researcher and the writer of several books in Banda Aceh. Sulaiman had personally wrought in his older brother's cafe in Trieng Gading, Pidie, during still sat in the bench of SLTP (middle school). Kedai Kopi (coffee shop) also invited the problem of the household. "Breakfast that was provided by the wife often was not touched." Many husbands chose breakfast in the cafe, said Tarmizi, the cafe businessman near the Blang Bintang Airport, Aceh Besar.

According to the opinion , function of the cafe changed from the place drank coffee to a kind of social space, the place of the exchange informasi.The similar oppinion was raised by Teuku was Kemal Fasya, the anthropologist in the Malikussaleh University, Lhok Seumawe. In the cafe was available the answer to matters that were unresolved through the formal route. In the cafe, the resident discussed concerning the problem of the family, local politics, national, and rumours that were warm in the focus of the press. The change in the official often more previously canned be heard in the cafe, including the official's scandal. The cafe noose personally possibly will startle them that never to Aceh. In Banda Aceh, hundreds of humankind were crowded in several favourite cafes. The wheel vehicle of two and four were long parking like in the shop complex.
The cafe generally was in one or several shop. There were also those who had the shape of the stall like in Java. Could be imagined when this crowded room was crowded by humankind at noon that was intense. Increased again the cigarette smoke. But, increasingly crowded humankind was precisely increasingly interesting the interest of the customer. This atmosphere was difficult to be found in the other area. In Java, for example, much less the governor or the regent, in the certain area reluctantly sat in the cafe with the normal resident or the unemployed person because it was considered could damage the authority of the civil servant's corps.

Starblack, coffee from Aceh

The Aceh coffee Aroma will increasingly explore the world when this coffee became one of the menus in the international cafe, Starbucks Coffee. A gulp for the sake of a gulp of Aceh coffee then will arrive at people's tongue from foreign countries. His outstanding enjoyment when sipping Aceh coffee then would increasingly could be enjoyed by other citizens of the world. Briefly words, very much tried Aceh coffee, it was guaranteed must fall in love. Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow must come back to feel the enjoyment of his aroma again.
It was more exciting that commented the Indonesian Blogger around the existence of these typical Aceh cafes. Starblack words were words from the international coffee stall that at this time cleared in various parts of the world, Starbucks. The black colour of coffee in Aceh shops, as well as the special taste, made Aceh coffee appropriate was mentioned by someone blogger from Indonesia as Starblack.

The Change

That was a great, the price in these cafes also could become a kind of "indicator" of "economics" in Aceh. "Before the tsunami (2004), the production of the day Rp 20.000 could satisfy the requirement" for the "life." The price a cup of coffee only Rp 1,000. Now the production Rp.50,000 were not enough. The price a cup of coffee already Rp 2,500.
There, the price a cup of coffee more was believed as the indicator of good and bad points of the economic situation. The price increase of FUEL OIL or the macro policy other was the matter along with. Here, to the cafe was part of the rhythm of the life and it was considered was related to "human rights".

The source: Maruli Tobing & Mahdi Muhammad (Kompas, on Sunday, December 02 2007) and various sources

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