Monday, October 20, 2008

The Layer of Cappucino Steam

. Monday, October 20, 2008

Nice to meet you !

I'm glad for this time, finally I still found some menu's coffee cookies to share with you. This coffee cookies menu is great for you the gourmet coffee especially. Because , is more than cookies, this is cappucinos cookies. Was curious ? let's tried. If you so bussy, maybe you can come to your favorite coffee shop and perhaps his have this menu.

Mmmm..... I'm sorry about the picture. But don't worry, the cake is more yummy than the picture. It's really great to eat after lunch or for your breakfast. If you are alone, some music maybe can make your lunch or breakfast still unforgattable.

Good luck !!

The Layer of Cappucino Steam

(for 16 pieces)

The Material:

4 egg

75 gr sugar

1 ½ the spoon the emulsifier (SP/TBM)

80 gr wheat flour

1 package (25gr) instant cappuccino

50 gr cooked chocolate white, being heated

2 tablespoons of milk cair 50 gr margarine, being heated

½ ate powdered chocolate for sowing

The Instruction:

1.Shook the egg, granulated sugar and emulsifier until expanded. Add wheat flour and cappuccino the powder while being sifted and stirred level.

2. Put in cooked chocolate white, liquid milk and margarine very few while being stirred slow. For three of part

3. Pour one batter part the tray diameter 18cm, high 6 cm that was covered by bread paper without margarine. Steam 5 minutes. Scatter powdered chocolate while beingsifted.

4. Pour again batter. Steam 5 minutes. Scatter powdered chocolate while being sifted

5. Pour again batter. Steam 15 minutes with fire was until ripe.

The source: the Saji Tabloid the edition 134 in October 2008

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