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Kopi Tubruk - Mud Coffee

. Monday, October 27, 2008

Kopi Tubruk literally means “collision coffee”. The concoction can be found in many parts of Indonesia, particularly in Java and Bali. Sources say kopi tubruk stems from a similar recipe brought over by traders from the Middle East, where it is known as “mud coffee.” Kopi tubruk is the simplest recipe for preparing coffee. To make a cup, one needs to add two teaspoons of ground coffee and sugar according to one’s taste.

Some say Kopi Tubruk needs finely ground coffee, while others prefer coarsely ground. Most Indonesians, however, buy the common coffee brands from any given warung (locale store).

Devotees say the key to proper Kopi Tubruk is in the water. Hot water from water dispensers is often not hot enough to cook the coffee grounds. Uncooked grounds will remain floating on the surface.

Variants of Kopi Tubruk include kopi susu (milk coffee), in which one adds sweetened condensed milk. A less common variant involves mixing the coffee with avocado juice.

Many Indonesians enjoy the drink with sweet snacks, including pisang goreng (fried banana).

Kopi Tubruk - West Coast Aceh

There was the unique matter came from one of the areas of the province in Indonesia that is Aceh especially at the West Coast him. The matter that was unique from this area was coffee hit that was typical.

Not only because the coffee came from Aceh that still was rough but also from the interesting method of presentation. Coffee glasses were presented was inside out, the glass mouth was supervised not was above like usually. The method of drinking him was also typical, coffee was drunk by means of spreading air through the straw to the side of in glasses, be careful must blow him because if being wrong to be able to spill coffee that was in glasses.

So, before being interested making him, better studied the method of drinking him first. If being curious, tried to visit the area along the west coast Aceh-Indonesia province, because there the area that often served kopi tubruk with the feeling and the coffee flavor that were typical as well as the unique method of presentation.

Welcome to Indonesia. Enjoy it Kopi Tubruk !

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