Friday, October 10, 2008

From coffee with love

. Friday, October 10, 2008

Hi.... the coffee lovers !

Many matters that are thought about by me now. Because of the influence of coffee or the other thing, my feeling became rather sentimental. I thought about a happiness in living.

I enjoyed each one of his bitter feelings as swallowing some feelings in the life. Not lived indeed not always sweet? But bitter him the life also not significant unhappiness. The bitter feeling when drinking coffee, like warned about the living reality. Honest, simple but left the not forgotten impression. Occasionally addiction to continue to enjoy the bitter feeling sensation.

In a cup of coffee, there was the love that was not easy to be lost. Honest, simple and like that left a trace. For the first time, was felt so startling. Bitter him was felt was different, but could not stop just like that. And when being finished, it seems continued to not change. Stay bitter but like that yearn for. Sensed his smelly, already drugged. Moreover, when again felt him. Bitter but.......

You had fallen in love? And all that started from a cup of coffee? Ah....... so romantic. I hoped could experience the same thing. Fall in love with something or possibly with someone and that started from a cup of coffee.

The coffee lover's, shared with me, if you had the experience like that . There were many experiance and the adventure in living and that begin with....... a cup of coffee.

I still waiting. Have a nice day, from coffee with love.

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KoreaMania said...

Never thought about coffee and love in that perspective before. I'm not a fans of coffee, but i do enjoy iced cappucino, it still a member of coffee's family right? :D
I think i found a new way to see love and life from a cup of coffee.
Nice blog. Keep on sharing ur love for coffee and of course for love and life itself.