Saturday, October 18, 2008

Drinkers Coffee, Did You Know ?

. Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hi... drinkers and coffee lovers !!

Nice to meet you again. Once upon atime, when you drank a coffee, cappucino, espresso, black coffee at the coffee shop, office or your home. Did you know ? much information and history behind a cup of coffee. And this is a few for that history. Sssst .... ?!?

Did you know ?

In the Konstantinopel time, did you know, the first cafe was there mentioned qahveh khaneh (the policy School of – School of domestic tourists) because there the place of the meeting of the artists and educated people. Was not different in Indonesia, in several areas, like in Aceh will encounter that the cafe evidently your place could find newest information that happened, the place of the gossip of Adam's groups.

Teammates Research Center - rwy

Did you know ?

Still many of the we who were confused concerning the meaning and the definition one espresso, in fact not a little that compared that espresso was the same as black coffee (black coffee). Definitely not, is it true that espresso was coffee, but black coffee Is the note the same the USA Espresso. Said "espresso" came from the Italia language for a significant meaning "express", because espresso in for (by barista) and must be presented straightaway and because that was obligatory to be enjoyed straightaway. Espresso was basically divided in two was based on his volume, first espresso single shot (or espresso was single shot) and that was second was espresso doppio (double shots). Double shot espresso approximately had the volume of the coffee extract totalling 47 - 62 ml with the temperature of water of 88 - 95 levels celcius with the pressure (pressure) of 9-10 atms, and tersaji (flow the extraction) for 22 - 28 seconds


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