Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Coffee and the adventure menu's

. Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hi......the coffee lover's !!

How about your coffee's today ?

After enjoyed Starblack-coffee from Aceh, today I want to share the adventure drank coffee again with you. Often was gotten by the exciting adventure from trying various coffee recipes that came from many areas or the country.

There are those that yummi, great or strange?! /? But, that was important not only the feeling, but his adventure. For you that did not want busy, immediately could come to coffee shop, the message and the attendant will come to bring your coffee order.

OK, the coffee lover's. For you who dared to take the challenge, please download the coffee menu in here http://www.rs48.rapidshare.com/files/90047637/1170crc.rar.

Tell me about story of your coffee and the adventure from the menu that you download.

Good luck and happy nice day with coffee and the adventure!!

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