Monday, October 6, 2008

Cappucino Mousses

. Monday, October 6, 2008

Have a nice day the coffee lovers !
I'm glad to meet you .... again at dcafecoffee of course. Happy "Idul Fitri 1429 H" for your day (if you are a muslim). For this time, I have some menu coffee cookies for your day. The coffee cookies name is Cappucino Mousses. It's look so ... mmm. I hope you won to try it. I'm not yet try for now, but it's really delicious I think.
Do you know, why I think this coffee cookies deliciously ? because some of the material put the instant coffee. You can imagined, this cookies must more coffee. So, for the coffee lovers, it's time for the adventure for coffee in your mouth !!.

The Material :

100 gr sugar
125 cc milk
125 cc instant coffee
150 gr milk cooking chocolate, heated
200 cc whipping cream 40 gr white gelatin, dissolved with 60 cc hot water, to dissolve gelatin
3 items of the egg that was separated white and yellow egg

Ingredient :

1.Shook the egg yolk and sugar in the cup through to soft. Add milk
2. Moved to the small and cooked pan on fire was through to boiled
3. Extinguish fire, was announced for a moment until his hot vapour was lost.
4. Afterwards added instant coffee, cooked chocolate, gelatin that was dissolved

with hot water and whipping cream, stirred until being mixt level.
5. Shook white the egg through to stiff, afterwards put in the milk mixture, coffee

and chocolate, stirred slow until all was mixt level.
6. Poured to the cup or glasses, cool down through to stiff and was ready to be


7. Decorated in a brown manner

(The source: Fifi Defiana, the Series of "Mousse" " favourite Food )

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