Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cafe Shop Espresso Bar

. Thursday, October 23, 2008

Jl. Bougenville No. 1 Gejayan Sleman INDONESIA 55281
telp: +62-274-7447450 fax: +62-274-486465

For you who had the lifestyle with enjoyed a cup of coffee each day, the Espresso Bar Cafe was the exact place. Was located in Street. Bougenville No. 1 Gejayan, a round of the Mataram Ditch, as well as was enough close to the centre of education, that is the UGM campus and UNY. You are could call in in the Cafe after the work or the lecture to just released the fatigue together with the closest friend.

The Espresso Bar cafe had the special uniqueness in processing choice coffee to produce the fragrant and quality coffee flavor. When you enjoyed espresso, please a cup of the Extravagant Caramel Cappucinno ingredients in the style of Barista Coffee Shop that was experienced. Barista always gave priority to the feeling and satisfaction for you who seriously yearned for his comfort coffee espresso in fact true coffee from various areas in Indonesia. For example the Origin Coffee menu like Gayo coffee, Linthong, Sumatran Dark Roast, or Red Eye.

Not only coffee and pastry that was available in the Cafe, but also several facilities that made the whiff of your coffee increasingly comfortable. Still enjoyed in the afternoon, you could browsing or chatting with you are laptop with facilities HotSpot free. Or sat relaxed in the main room or the corner sofa while watching the film from Cable TV that was near the bar. You will not waste time no use when relaxing in the Cafe, even when you were alone then!

The OPEN HOUR 15,00 - 03,00 of WIB

List of the Espresso Based Menu :

- Espresso

espresso doppio, espresso machiato, espresso con panna, espresso ristretto, espresso flesh, espresso romano, americano, cappuccino, cappuccino viennese style, extravagant caramel cappuccino, chocolaccino, latte (regular, vanilla, caramel, etc), and hot cafe mocca

- Origin Coffee

gayo (from Nanggroe Atjeh), linthong, mandhaeling, west Sumatra highland arabica, sumatran dark roast, java village, Wamena (from Papua), luwak coffee, and red eye Ice - caramel latte ice, espresso flesh, floating ounce "u", hazelnut latte ice, ice cappuccino, ice latte Reg, ice latte straw, ice latte vanilla, ice moccaccino, irish latte cream ice, swiss chocolate, coffee La tjuba, galvaccino with vary options, etc

- Fruity Freshy

Rainbow splash, pink Floyd, avocanno milky, avocanno coffee, strawberry smooties, lime squash, orange squash, banana cream splitter Also available for your satisfaction, the USA such milkshake, tea, chocolate, and pastry & cake, for instance cheese sandwich, chicken nugget, french fries, the shop apostr s the pizza, tiramisu, etc.

- Facilities : Free Hotspot - Cable TV - Cup to Five - Reservation (via messenger and the SMS)

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