Saturday, September 20, 2008

Take a break and learn about coffee

. Saturday, September 20, 2008

For this topic, I just remember for my habbits people of drank coffee in Indonesia. Coffee and health, sometime not for priority to the coffee lovers. Coffee just about adventure of live and delicious of course. I think not just Indonesia, most of the coffener's in the worldwide some of them have a same think about it.

But now, much more information a bout coffee and health. Very easy to use it. I hope for now and later, the coffeener's not jut love coffee but their love the healthy them too.
The last but not least. I still love coffee, you and my healthy.
For most Canadians, coffee is part of the fabric of everyday life. It can be a morning ritual, a mid-morning pick me up, or an after dinner treat. Ever versatile, coffee can be savoured alone or with friends and conversation.
What coffee doesn't have to be is a guilty pleasure. The truth is that coffee is a safe and natural beverage choice. In fact, an emerging body of credible scientific research suggests that coffee may have a preventative role in various diseases, including various cancers, diabetes and Parkinson's' disease to name a few.
Offered as an educational resource for both consumers and healthcare professionals, highlights and summarizes current research on relevant topics. The Coffee Association of Canada invites you to explore the world of coffee and health and suggests you discuss any personal health issues with an appropriate professional who is familiar with your specific medical conditions.