Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sticky rice kneaded Grill (Ketan Uli Bakar)

. Saturday, September 6, 2008

Coffee Cookies

Sticky rice kneaded Grill (Ketan Uli Bakar)

In Indonesia, one of the friends drank delicious coffee was sticky rice kneaded burnt. Usually was made by means of being burnt or fried. Sometimes was mixt with broth rendang or serundeng (was made from the coconut) or black kneaded burnt. Along with this was given by me one of the sticky rice instructions kneaded burnt that yummi that was increased by the fragrant black coffee aroma and tempted appetite. If you planned to visit Indonesia, tried my favourite menu if drinking coffee. Congratulations tried!!!

Sticky rice kneaded Grill (Ketan uli bakar)

The material for Uli Bakar
Sticky Rice: 2 cup (500 gr) Sticky Rice, soaked around 2 hours, was announced until his water was dry. 3 cup (750 ml). ½ cup (8 human resources) the grater coconut.
1 sdt garam.Ketan Uli Bakar
His instruction:
@ Cuci his sticky rice, then in steam for 20 minutes.
@ Cook coconut milk, until boiling, then input of the sticky rice steamer, salt, the
grater coconut,stirred until level, cooked until his coconut milk penetrated.
@ Steam this sticky rice mixture, until ripe around 25 minutes.
@ Move sticky rice that has been ripe, was still being hot in pounded (in refined),
through to soft, then put to the Tray to make cookies that already in spread
oil, was closed with plastic or the bananasleaves (if being available), let cold.
@ Cut sticky rice kneaded him, then in burnt in grill the oven or in toaster, also
could also in presented without in burnt.
@ Selamat Menikmati Uli bakar
(the source of the menu (cicilia))

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