Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fortunately the loss drank coffee

. Saturday, September 6, 2008

Coffee and Health

Fortunately the Loss drank Coffee
Fortunately the loss drank coffee often was not cared about by many drinkers coffee. Fragrant him the aroma and the coffee-flavoured special characteristics that were unequalled by the other drink, as affecting the coffee drinker to lazy find out more far about the benefit or the profit the loss drank coffee. May this article be useful to increase the love of the coffee drinkers like You but also I definitely.
The Coffee
Kind Initially the coffee seed (Coffee sp) only consisted of the Arabica kind and Robusta. Arabica had the seed was smaller compared with Robusta, the content of his caffeine was lower, the feeling and the aroma were lovelier and the relative price more mahal.Kopi arabika came from the area of the plateau. In Indonesia was known by the name of Toraja coffee or coffee of Jawa Sedangkan Robusta, to have the coffee seed that his measurement was big, his form was oval, high caffeine and had the not more fragrant aroma. The example in Indonesia was Lampung coffee and Balinese coffee. Coffee robusta often was produced in the area of the plain.
The Process
The production of starting coffee from the old coffee seed, was put in the sun to dry , was rolled to separate skin from his seed, disangrai/was cooked without using vegetables oil through to black, was refined just make with hot water. At this time often sprang up the cafe, from the simple stall that provided coffee hit to coffee house with cappuccino, espresso and latte as the main drink. The lover of true coffee more liked coffee hit or Espresso; coffee that was made by means of spraying hot vapour high level in the coffee powder was more appropriate because of the typical taste coffee was more felt. For the beginner,
- Cappuccino; one portion of coffee espresso that was increased milk and
powdered cinnamon or
- latte; half of the portion espresso that was increased liquid milk more
appropriate because the coffee taste was lighter. For the feeling that
- Irish Coffee; hot coffee that was given irish whisky with topping cream shook
promised the sensation that was different for the lover of coffee.

Fortunately the Loss drank Coffee
Several scientific researches proved, if drinking beneficial coffee for the health. Like that was carried out by the team from University of Houston, Texas. The research that was carried out to the Irish resident who liked to drink coffee by being increased whisky could lower as far as 80% risk of the attack stroke. Coffee could also cure the headache resulting from the tension, like that was expressed by Dr. Seymour Diamond from Diamond Headache Clinic, AS. The other expert believed the content of Coffee caffeine was believed could increase sexual libido the man. The caffeine compound could eliminate the tired feeling, drowsiness and increased nerves vigilance motorik.
Apart from the varied of the benefit, coffee also had the bad side especially for the women when to large consume . The report produced by the Christchurch hospital research, New Zealand revealed, most women of the coffee addict will give birth to the baby who had difficulty breathing when being born. Whereas the research of Sven Cnattingius from Karolinska Institute, Sweden, revealed; the woman that consumed 100 mg caffeine/the day will more be easy experienced had a miscarriage. The expert in the believing also health if drinking coffee more than 6 cangkir a day could increase the level of LDL (bad cholesterol) and trigliserida the cause stroke.
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