Thursday, September 11, 2008

Coffee for the health of skin

. Thursday, September 11, 2008

Coffee for the health of Skin

Apart from to be enjoyed, coffee evidently had other benefit for the health of skin. Coffee not only the monopoly on the man, and the benefit of coffee for the health also not only for the woman. Coffee for all. Enjoy your life adventure with coffee and various benefits in your life.
Everyone, especially the woman really wanted soft skin smooth. Certainly will cause the feeling to be not comfortable if in the part foot we, especially the palm foot, his skin to rough and broke. This problem often was dealt with by the woman, especially that often washed clothes. Moderate detergent water hard for skin often did not realise soaked foot we. Very for a long time skin became rather rough and was peeled off. When continuing to be left alone then the layer of skin thickened and afterwards to broke.

The problem also in began. Was not glad it seems appeared enchanted with the smooth face, but foot broke and rough. So need the awareness, that not the scalp, the face and the upper body that needed the maintenance. Skin foot also needed attention extra.
Foot rough and broke's not only as a result of detergent water or the hard liquid chemical was felt on skin, but also resulting from the footwear that did 'not have a quality'.' If already , then we must look for the method of overcoming him. One of the methods that could be tried to treat rough skin was with coffee .
Exactly, coffee contained the special secret that really was good for treated skin foot that was rough and broke's.
The material that must be prepared:
3 tablespoons of coffee
1 Tablespoon of olives oil
5 tablespoons lotion that first has been cooled down in the refrigerator
2 boxes of liquid milk or around 500 ml adequate warm Water.
The method:
poured adequate warm water in the bucket as well as mixed with liquid milk. Estimate that warm water was abundant and overcame the portion of his milk. From made scrub by mixing coffee, lotion cold and olives oil that has been prepared.

The application:
Put foot in the bucket and soaked for several minutes.
From coffee scrub equitable to heels, finger gaps, the palm foot as well as the part foot that was rough and broke's.
Carry out the minor massage while polishing him
Soak came back foot in the wash-basin to dissolve dry skin and the layer of the numb cell
Rinse foot with clean water then dry.
Try to Get should not often foot remained detergent again and paid attention to the use of the footwear well.
Imazing had the other benefit from coffee from only an in drank warm Coffee also comfort for skin foot we.
Congratulations tried him in the house.

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Ana said...

Ill give this a try...i do need something for my skin indeed :)