Sunday, September 7, 2008

7 Tip's Healthy Drank Coffee

. Sunday, September 7, 2008

Coffee and Health
7 Tip's Healthy Drank Coffee
If you the lover of coffee, better apart from enjoying his comfort drank coffee, And You too knew information about 7 Tip's Healthy Drank Coffee. There was no loss for you by knowing 7 tip's healthy drank coffee along with this, because apart from you could enjoy coffee And You Too could avoid the affected risk his negative.

1. Dose
Did not yet have the measurement that was certain for the dose of coffee that might be consumed by the person. However many researches said that drinking 300 mg caffeine (around 1 to 3 cangkir coffee a day) did not give the effect negative to many healthy people.

2. The Danger Signal
The signal of the coffee danger so as we knew when must stop drinking coffee. The danger signal in part: restless, the heart pounded, the disturbance of sleep and the disturbance mood (mis: fast angry). A coffee drinker who stopped the habit drank his coffee could experience “caffeine withdrawal” that was marked by the throbing headache, but this sign will be lost after 24-48 hours or got caffeine the new dose.

3. Hear The Body Response
Every one having the limitation personally concerning consumption caffeine. Most people could consume 2 cangkir coffee a day without the problem. However there are those that experienced the effect of his negative with the amount of consumption of same coffee. There were those who said after drinking a cup of coffee to be able to not sleep as long as the night, conversely there are those that fell asleep twisted after drinking coffee. Therefore, the best method was to listen to the body response personally!

4. Recognise Caffeine Content
Event knew the dose and the body response, there is good him we knew the content caffeine in products that often we consumption. So that lest the dose of coffee that it was recommended has been reached, but we were still consuming other products that contained caffeine so as to feel the effect to be bad of coffee. Several other products that must be paid attention to by the content caffeine like for example: softdrink, coffee peppermints, tea, chocolate, medicine had a headache. The processing method (roasting and brewing) also was influential towards the content caffeine in coffee. For example, a research showed, secangkir coffee in Starbucks contained in general 259 mg caffeine compared with coffee with the kind and the measurement cangkir that was same in Dunkin Donuts that only contained 149 mg caffeine.
From the other research, coffee decaf (coffee without caffeine) was good for them who experienced obesity because of could increase HDL (cholesterol “baik”) around 50%. Whereas to them who did not experience obesity precisely could unload this HDL cholesterol that could increase the risk of the heart disease.

5. Coffee Mix
Five milligram calcium was lost to every time 6 ounce coffee that was consumed. However lost this calcium could be overcome by adding 2 milk spoons or made espresso latte. Whereas the coffee mixture with alcohol was not better especially to the person with the disturbance of the heart and the coffee mixture with cream also better be avoided to reduce calorie that was abundant. Caffeine also interacted with several medicine kinds. For that was consuming medicine, better konsultasikan to the doctor. Many that believed the best friend of coffee was cigarettes. Eits, don't be wrong. A true coffee drinker did not smoke! Cigarettes could reduce his comfort drank coffee

6. The group of UnCoffee
The group along with was suggested to avoid coffee: the woman was pregnant, children, parents, the person with the heart disease and blood vessels (mis: hypertension). So, if already including this group, forgot coffee!
7. Check Up
Do it the inspection was periodic towards the health, in this case was the measurement of blood pressure. It was increasingly early that hypertension was known, will be increasingly was good for next time
So it's “7 Tips Health Drank Coffee”. When the complaint continued, contacted the doctor!

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