Sunday, August 10, 2008

Coffee Cookies

. Sunday, August 10, 2008

Coconut Coffee Cookies


May today be the day that was pleasant for you.

This morning, after in filled with small sport in Sunday I illustrated the day with drank a black coffee, but because of the holiday day, emerged the wish to look for the cake as the friend drank coffee.

Coffee cookies that was looked for by me evidently was easy very much got him. As usual, coffee cookies that will be made the friend drank coffee evidently immediately could not be available, but must be made first.

This coffee cookies that was unique, his base from the dry coconut that already more previously. The feeling coffee cookies him clear deliciously piquant and comfort. Was curious wanted the model for?! It's easy, kept seeing the menu coffee cookies him was further the practice. O..ya, his name also coffee cookies, so don 't forget the addition of his coffee in the manufacturer 's material of his cake.

Ok....dcoffeeners, enjoy it coconut coffee cookies that yummi!!

The material Coconut Coffee Cookies:

200 gr butter

100 gr margarine

100 gr powdered sugar

100 gr granulated sugar 14 sdt salt

14 sdt essence vanilla

14 sdt essence coffee toffee

1 egg

1 sdt baking powder

12 sdt baking soda 30 gr powdered milk

270 gr flour of protein wheat was

150 gr the dry coconut

2 coffee human resources instant granulated sugar for egg yolk sowing

for the smear of the method:

1. Beat butter, margarine, powdered sugar, granulated sugar, essence until

expanded, added the egg, shook level.

  1. Put baking powder, soda, powdered milk, wheat, the dry coconut and coffee instant, stirred with spatula.

  2. Rolled batter, printed with cutter cookies, compiled in the tray that dioles margarine, spread the egg yolk and sprinkled granulated sugar, 4, roasted with the temperature 150 levels celcius for approximately 20 minutes.

    (the source of the menu from www. deliciousbaking.blogspot. com)

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