Monday, August 11, 2008

Coffee and sex

. Monday, August 11, 2008

Coffee and Sex

Along with was one of the benefits from the drink that was named coffee for the health and sex, that succeeded in being encompassed from various sources:

  • Caffeine could ward off the free radical and destroyed the molecule that could damage the cell DNA

  • Drank coffee made sperm “swam” faster and could increase the fertility of the man, this was announced by the Brazilian scientists in the meeting “american society for reproductive medicine” in San Antonio, where main discussions revolved about the effect of the medicine against the fertility of the man.

    Many not his benefit? So why you did not begin headed your days with a glass coffee?

    (the source: http:epat, songolimo, the net)

As usual, I will give the menu recipe cookies as the friend drank coffee, it is hoped you liked and of course wanted to try him.

Ring Cookies

The material:

  • 250 flour of sticky rice of the grater coconut from 1 coconut that was old him

  • A little hot water

  • Salt 100 gram

  • Palm sugar 60 gram

  • Cooking oil granulated sugar

    The instruction:

  • sticky rice flour, the grater coconut and salt were mixt

  • Was given adequate hot water, stirred to level and batter could

  • For ring cookies make, fried with oil that was hot him until yellow, then gave sugar, the method gave sugar: palm sugar was sliced, mixed with granulated sugar gave a little previous water cooked until thick, put his ring cake, stirred, if being dry, adopted.

    only an information, this ring cookies was one of the traditional food from Indonesia, resembled the donut but his measurement was smaller and his colour was brown, because of being given palm sugar

    Let's tried !!!

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